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Box Fit Classes

Training in a family environment creates a greatbond between both parents and their children.

Being able to work with vibrant young children as well as their parents is something we truly value here at Lyre. Not only does family training help the children flourish through fitness, health and thieve confidence, but it will help parents understand the development of their children while exercising together.

Fitness | Lyre Healthy Lifestyle

Life is hard, especially for the new generation.

Parents are very busy and as a consequence of our fast-paced world and industrialisation, almost everyone has become addicted to their devices, pushing the social development of children into the background. Sometimes, parents leave their children at home with their devices while they go out to exercise, or they drop them off and use their devices while they are waiting for the children to finish their activities. These choices increase the distance between parents and their children. Our programs and exercises are designed to strengthen the bonds within the family by bringing fitness, wellbeing, and happiness through exercise.

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Boot camps & Box Fit classes

We offer a variety of classes to not only exercise but to learn together the importance of following a healthy lifestyle with a smile on your face. We offer Bootcamps as well as Box Fit classes that are cardio based. Both of the workouts are group classes. Every class is for all abilities, and we make sure everyone feels good physically and mentally with consistent exercise. Our aim is to create a community for all ages where everyone can come together and feel great.

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Fitness | Lyre Healthy Lifestyle
Fitness | Lyre Healthy Lifestyle

Why choose a Bootcamp or Box Fit Class

Well, bootcamps are a fun and interactive mix of cardio and light resistance exercises suitable for everyone. The classes feature a lot of variety in terms of the movements, but are designed for all ages. Box Fit is a boxing pad work class which is full of cardio and teaches self-defence techniques and discipline. It is a fun-filled class, but you will still feel you've had a good workout. Some children who suffer from tension, stress, and anxiety can show symptoms of ADHD, display behaviour issues, or develop eating disorders. Parents can help children release their anger through playful activities which increase trust and strengthen bonds.

This class is highly recommended for all ages.  

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Come and try out any of the classes.

We offer a free first session so that you can see the personal experience and service we provide. 

Also, Scott Elliot, Lyre Healthy Lifestyle main Fitness Coach offer 1-2-1 PT sessions as well as PT sessions training with a friend or small family group. 

We really look forward to seeing you at our classes

About Scott
Scott Elliot
Our group sessions start at the beginning of March in the stunning Winslade Park at Clyst St Mary.

We aim to develop a community where people of all ages can find an activity to their liking. We provide a place where parents can train together with their children, thereby strengthening the bond between them and offering opportunities to spend quality time together. Education in supportive community is crucial from an early age for a healthy, happy lifestyle. Within a good community, parental love and quality time together, as well as developing an appropriate daily routine, mean that a child is less likely to develop mental or physical disorders, or to suffer from any disorders or low self-esteem. Any unpleasant behaviour from a child or parent is quickly detected and we can work to improve it within the sessions and build a strong community. Children learn by observation, so what they see and what kind of environment they are insignificantly influences their future. As parents, we can have an enormous impact on our children's future.

Child only sessions

Sometimes parents can’t attend sessions because they work long hours, have to attend meetings, or perhaps just need some quality time away from the kids to enjoy a nice dinner and drink or two. In such cases, we warmly welcome children to our sessions which are primarily dedicated to them. Meanwhile, parents are welcome to visit Winslade Manor, which is famous for its glamorous design and divine meals, cocktails and atmosphere, or visit The Forge at Winslade House, where you can buy street food, snacks, and drinks. It’s the perfect location for a team meeting or to mingle with friends, and of course you can enjoy an amazing golf simulator.  

Please feel free to call or email to discuss our sessions.

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