Professional Practitioner

Het started her healthcare journey back in 2003, applying to and graduating as a pharmacy practitioner, having worked in (and managed) many hospital and community pharmacies throughout the UK, Het has a deep-seated desire to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others, with a firm life-long commitment to caring for people.

As someone who is always on a quest for learning. After qualifying, Het became a graduate of the esteemed Bath University, where she undertook further learning was to deepen her knowledge of clinical practice, resulting in being accredited a clinical diploma and prescribing at a higher level.  

A qualified Independent Practitioner, with IP initials recently added to her credentials, Het is a clinical professional first, therefore has a very high attention to detail and patient care which comes from her many years as a pharmacy professional.

With over 20 years of experience as a qualified Pharmacist, Het has been intrinsically involved in providing various levels of clinical and community care nationwide for patients of all ages.

From a young age, Het has always had a personal passion for beauty, with a desire to learn more about staying youthful and healthy. The interest in this area led her down the path of cosmetics, skincare and aesthetics.

“aesthetics offered a unique opportunity to blend my pharmaceutical expertise, as a way to enhance natural beauty and give people higher-self confidence. An area of medical care that is often forgotten about or marginalised ”.

Within aesthetics Het feels she is able to use her scientific background and naturally creative expressive behaviour to not only help people feel good inside, but also on the outside.

“I discovered a harmonious space, where I can blend science and artistry – where precision meets creativity and where each treatment is tailored to enhance a person’s natural features.”

What Het calls “beauty in balance”.

Through her business, BBH Aesthetiqs, Het provides a wide range of skincare and aesthetics treatments; injectables including anti-wrinkle treatments, fillers to skincare regimes to help her clients reach their full potential and radiate confidence.

“My aim with BBH Aesthetiqs is simple - to help people feel good, empowering them to take charge of their youthfulness both inside and out, to feel whole’

As a professional practitioner, Het offers her clients the assurance to enhance your natural beauty subtly, preserving your unique features through cosmetic treatments to achieve the youthful transformation you desire.

Het has recently relocated to Exeter with her young family, as her journey continues fuelled with enthusiasm, an ingrained hard-work mentality and filled with gratitude for the experiences that have shaped her plus for the people who supported her in her career, she is keen to continue making a positive impact in people’s lives.

Feeling good on the outside, enhancing confidence, bringing back the smile and making you look younger again is something that unfortunately you can’t bottle or put into a tablet. Through aesthetics these results can be achieved, in a relatively quick period with the ability to “making you feel good” happening almost instantly.

Radiate confidence, take control as you embark on your journey to unlocking your natural beauty.

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