Health Coaching

Our health coach session is a personalised and collaborative meeting between a client and a trained health professional known as a health coach. During these sessions, individuals work with their health coach to set and achieve specific health and wellness goals. The primary purpose of a health coach is to empower clients to make sustainable, positive changes in their lives to improve their overall well-being and lifestyle.

Health Coaching

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Assessment: The session often begins with a comprehensive evaluation of the client's current health status, lifestyle, habits, and goals. This assessment may include discussions about diet, physical activity, stress levels, daily routine, sleep patterns, and any health concerns.

Goal Setting: Together, the client and health coach establish clear, realistic, and achievable health and wellness goals. These goals could relate to weight management, nutrition, fitness, stress reduction, or other aspects of well-being.

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Action Planning: The health coach helps clients develop personalised action plans to reach their goals. This plan may involve setting specific milestones, outlining strategies, and identifying potential obstacles.

Education: Health coaches provide valuable information and education about nutrition, exercise, stress management, and other health-related topics. They equip clients with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions.

Motivation and Support: Health coaches offer ongoing inspiration and support to keep clients on track and motivated to achieve their goals. They serve as a source of encouragement and accountability.

Health Coaching

Behavioural Change: Health coaches use behavioural change techniques to help clients overcome obstacles and develop healthy habits. This may involve exploring the underlying causes of certain behaviours and finding practical solutions.

Progress Tracking: Clients and health coaches regularly assess progress toward the established goals. The action plan can be adjusted as needed to ensure continued success.

Holistic Approach: Health coaches often take a holistic approach, recognising that physical health is closely linked to emotional, mental, and social well-being. They consider all aspects of a client's life in their coaching approach.

Empowerment: Ultimately, a health coach session aims to empower individuals to take control of their health and make sustainable lifestyle changes. Health coaches help clients build confidence and self-efficacy in managing their well-being.

Feng Shui | Lyre Healthy Lifestyle

If you want to find thesecrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration..

Nicolas Tesla | Feng Shui | Lyre Healthy Lifestyle

Nicolas Tesla

Feng Shui within Taoist life philosophy

For many millennia, Feng Shui within Taoist life philosophy was an imperial secret, and was kept that way so that subjects could not use it against their emperor. Feng Shui, in common with most traditional life philosophies, is based on thousands of years of observation and use. These old traditions arose at a time when people lived their lives in closer harmony with nature and had a greater respect for it. They lived with nature and did not exploit it. Feng Shui masters take the changing seasons, day and night, yin and yang, the sun and the moon into account. They also pay close attention to environmental conditions, and topography. Moreover, Taoists use astrology for individuals and buildings, applying yearly, monthly, daily, and hourly cycles in a similar way as western astrologists do.

Feng Shui is not a religion but a Chinese art of arranging harmony within our environment to achieve prosperity and peace, and to make it easier to deal with everyday life. Therefore, because Feng Shui is not a religion, it does not interfere with an individual’s beliefs and is compatible with all religions. Even nowadays Asian countries, and more powerful companies worldwide are still using it effectively and enjoying its benefits.  Simplified versions of Feng Shui can be found almost everywhere on the internet with various explanations, which could create confusion.

However, even if you read about how to build a house on Google, you still wouldn’t be able to build it yourself, would you?

Similarly, some people try all kinds of things, some of which are effective and some of which are not.

My experience

My experience began in the same way. I was eleven when I won my first Chinese astrology book and I remember reading and trying to learn and calculate my four-pillar astrology following the book’s instructions. From then on, I bought several books, and read numerous articles. At the age of twenty when I renovated my first apartment, I even felt it was essential to work with a professional Feng Shui consultant who gave me useful tips from this fantastic system. I travelled and lived in several European countries, and each apartment brought a different energy and experience into my life.  

In 2012, I gained a traditional Feng Shui intermediate course qualification which led me to deepen my knowledge of traditional feng shui. I was also able to help and provide good advice to improve the living environments of my family and friends when they felt the need.  I offered Feng Shui advice to some businesses in the Malaga area of Spain, as well as owners of residential properties.

Over the years, I have realised that even if someone tries to live healthily, if their home or workplace does not adequately support their effort and energy, it will be more challenging to achieve their goals. In 2022, I delved further into this fantastic philosophy of life. I obtained the qualifications of a Feng Shui expert consultant through advanced practitioner training, following the methodology of Grant Master Raymond Lo as I wanted to provide a wider range of tools to those who really desired to achieve positive changes in their lives. 

During my sessions as a health coach, I can help individuals to achieve their goals and fill them with positive energy, yet as soon as they leave our session and return home, they can experience disequilibrium and the positive energy seems to suddenly disappear, leaving them feeling apathetic again. Feng Shui is a perfect tool to fix or prevent this issue.

How does an interior designer differ from a Feng shui consultant and designer?

An interior designer takes the layout of the house and uses their ideas and design, reflecting their artistic commitments, as a basis for decorating and preparing a property's interior design. However, a feng shui designer considers the construction period of the house as well as the astrological year, environment, the building's exterior, division and orientation.

Also, it takes into account who will live in the property and what direction, materials and colours should be used to support those people. It is necessary to consider the astrology of the people living there and provide an utterly personalized consultation and a complete design. 

Health Coaching
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Our Health coach sessions can occur in various settings, including in-person, over the phone, or virtual meetings. They are highly individualised and tailored to clients' unique needs and goals. My focus as a health coach is to build a collaborative relationship with clients, which is crucial for helping individuals achieve and maintain improved physical and mental health and well-being.

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Who I work with

I work cooperatively with developers, architects, designers, contractors, and gardeners to be able to provide more sellable, more liveable and the best possible construction for their clients and compatible with Feng Shui principles.  We undertake complete renovation considering the Feng Shui philosophy with or without full interior design, from low budget to luxury design.

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Feng Shui | Lyre Healthy Lifestyle

Special consultations to improve and change certain life situations.

Are you currently single but looking for a relationship?

Do you want to improve an existing relationship?

Perhaps you are struggling to become pregnant or find that your relationship with your child has deteriorated?

maybe you have encountered obstacles in learning and self-development?

Taking Feng shui principles into account andadopting them could improve these aspects of your life. 

Feng Shui | Lyre Healthy Lifestyle

Special consultations to improve and change certain life situations.

For example, supporting health, and rebuilding relationships within the family, attracting prosperity.
Are you currently single but looking for a relationship? Or do you want to improve an existing relationship?

Perhaps you are struggling to become pregnant or find that your relationship with your child has deteriorated. Or maybe you have encountered obstacles in learning and self-development. Taking Feng Shui principles into account and adopting them could improve these aspects of your life.

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Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese art/method of healing, can support people to maintain a healthy harmony within living and working environments.

Everyone is born with their karma, and each person has to follow their own path. However, Feng Shui could help you to make this path a comfortable highway or a desert road; each of us has our own choice.

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Feng Shui Advice in décor or interior design

Feng-Shui consultation on site

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Traditional Feng Shui consultation

Feng Shui Consultation to buy or sell property

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Build you garden with Feng Shui

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In person floor-plan creation and analysis[in case there is none]

9 Star ki astrology and determining important dates

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